Focus group

The Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) has commissioned numerous market research studies that provide detailed data and analysis on potential markets for clean cookstoves and fuels. These studies serve as an open resource for partners in planning and enhancing their activities, and for CCA in its own efforts to support market development in the clean cooking sector.

Market assessments provide an overview of the clean cookstove and fuel sector within a given country, including:

  • potential size of the clean cookstoves and fuels market;
  • state of the local market, including key stakeholders, industry leaders, and policy environment;
  • local fuel usage trends and cooking habits; and
  • current health, social, and environmental impacts.

Consumer research studies provide a deeper look at potential consumers of cleaner stoves and fuels within a given country. These studies provide detailed information on consumer needs and preferences, including cooking habits, purchasing trends, financing needs, fuel costs, cultural barriers, and access to distribution and communication channels. This information is critical to ensure that products meet users’ needs and that marketing strategies are effective.

For partners interested in conducting their own market research, CCA developed “Market Research in the Clean Cooking Sector: Tools and Tips.” This guide introduces the basic concepts and tools of market research and provides readers with best practices and tips in the design and management of market research in the sector.