MissionTo inspire creativity and innovation in developing sustainable programs at the bottom of the pyramid for current and future generations.
Partner TypeImplementer
Organization TypeNon-Governmental Organization
Organizational ExpertiseAdoption / Behavior Change, Capacity Building, Climate/Environment, Gender / Womens Empowerment, Health, Institutional Cooking, Livelihoods, Marketing, Monitoring and Evaluation, Standards
Technologies and FuelsBiomass (Ag. Residue, Processed Biomass, etc.), Charcoal, Crop residues, Pellets / Briquettes
Clean Cooking ActivitiesAlternative Waste Technologies is a mission-driven social enterprise, whose aim is to create meaningful employment opportunities to at-risk women e.g. ex-juveniles to avoid crime, unlock their potential, develop their skills, and create successful futures for themselves and their families. While we know that creating jobs is essential, we are convinced that providing work alone is not enough to support at-risk women in moving out of poverty. AWT’s young employees need a path to develop them, a means to build skills and capabilities for the long-run. AWT offers an intensive work-study program that allows women to grow as they learn basic skills, develop technical capabilities, and eventually earn degrees that enable them to secure professional jobs when they graduate from our program. AWT creates employment opportunities by producing fuel briquettes through a combination of briquetting technology, entrepreneurship, and an impact sourcing business model. Kenya currently has over 70,000 educational institutions. It is estimated that approximately 29% of these institutions consume about 270 tons each of wood fuel per year; a staggering 5.4 million tons annually. Our briquette business therefore targets to supply educational institutions, prisons institutions, government hospitals in Nairobi, and slums (60% of Nairobi’s population).
PartnershipAWT’s model is about much more than just creating jobs, it empowers at-risk youth with the knowledge and skills to secure professional jobs, earn lasting, higher incomes, and become leaders. Impact is measured by the success of graduates through offering a long-term, intensive work-study program that allows youth to grow as they learn basic skills and develop technical capabilities. In the recruitment, we identify motivated at-risk women trapped in poverty from slums or remote rural areas, 50% women and persons with disabilities. They undergo 3 - 6 month hands-on probation training to develop the skills suitable for our work place working 6 hours a day supporting the production processes. After probation, they have the opportunity to resume the education. We design a work schedule to allow for study. Upon successful completion of high school level as adult learners, we support them to acquire a vocational technical skill as well as other employment opportunities with competitive pay. Since the project focuses on economic empowerment, we anticipate to partner with enterprises offering cookstoves which are either customized to meet the domestic requirements or to meet an institutional requirement. We similarly wish to partner with institutions offering capacity building to women in building small enterprises as well as mentorship support for growth.
Regions Operating InSub-Saharan Africa
Countries Operating InKenya
Postal Code00100
Primary Point of Contact
   First NameStella
   Last NameSigana
Secondary Point of Contact
   First NameEmmanuel
   Last NameNyakeriga