Feb 22, 2018
Type: Tool
Topic: Fuels
Country: Global

This handbook is one resource amongst others developed by the Alliance to strengthen the cooking fuel sector. It focuses on the challenges around the following four themes: reorienting business model priorities, modeling available supply, prioritizing new markets, and assessing value chain sustainability.  It provides overviews of three companies selected to receive capacity building support, the tools and methodologies used to support them, and results and recommendations resulting from each.

The results can guide decision-making for a broad range of audiences:

  • Stakeholders interested in strengthening fuel supply chains;
  • Companies that produce and/or distribute cooking fuel to compare their model to that of the selected grantees and use the experiences to inform their scale-up strategies ;
  • Stove companies to understand the impact of their stoves on the development of a fuel company;
  • NGOs or programs to better assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and plan future projects;
  • Investors to understand the unique challenges of fuel companies and identify where further investment may be beneficial;
  • Those with an interest in entering the alternative fuel company to use the tools and methodologies to model the theoretical feasibility of entering the market.

The tools and appendices referenced in the handbook can be accessed by downloading the zip file to the right.