Closing: Aug 06, 2021
Type: alliance


The United Nations Foundation’s Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) is accepting proposals for a project that involves enhancing the experience of users visiting the CCA website to access information on the market landscape and investment opportunities in the clean cooking sector. This work will include the design of a website platform (to be integrated within CCA’s broader website) that will help investors, donors and others interested in engaging in the sector to more easily find information on different companies, countries/markets, business models, and investments flowing into the sector. 

The platform should be interactive, engaging, and make it easy and enjoyable for users to find information or tools that will help them better understand the clean cooking market. This project will require expertise in User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) design and web development. 

In a separate, but related RFP, CCA is seeking external support in managing and creating content that will be included in the platform. Consultants are encouraged to apply to one or both RFPs, if of interest. 

Background of Organization

CCA works with a global network of partners to build an inclusive industry that makes clean cooking accessible to the three billion people who live each day without it. Established in 2010, CCA is driving consumer demand, mobilizing investment to build a pipeline of scalable businesses, and fostering an enabling environment that allows the sector to thrive. Clean cooking transforms lives by improving health, protecting the climate and the environment, empowering women, and helping families save time and money.


It is well recognized and documented that there is not enough capital flowing into the clean cooking sector for the world to achieve universal access to clean cooking by 2030. There are many impact investors and donors that are not currently engaging with the clean cooking sector. This could be because they are unaware of the issues and opportunities for them to participate in clean cooking, or it could be because they are not sure if the clean cooking sector is a good fit for their investment or grant making theses. 

CCA is looking to address this problem by making it easier for potential capital providers to access readily available, up-to-date, compelling information that will help them to better understand the clean cooking market and the various businesses and associated business models currently serving the market. 

CCA has identified three problems within the clean cooking sector’s resources and tools ecosystem that this project seeks to address. Firstly, users’ needs and starting levels of sector awareness are varied, so it is difficult to design for a single user journey that helps people to navigate to content they will find valuable. Secondly, there is a lot of content available on CCA’s website, as well as the websites of CCA’s partners, but it is not easy to retrieve information quickly and easily from these sites, unless you know exactly what you are looking for. 

Lastly, there are multiple unconnected interactive data tools that exist across the clean cooking sector. Currently, it is not possible to navigate smoothly towards an existing clean cooking tool; the user must already know that the tool exists, and where to find it.


CCA is therefore looking to create a solution that makes it easier for online users to access resources about the clean cooking market and navigate to existing tools designed to aid decision making. The ultimate impact of this project is to see increased investment coming into the clean cooking sector. 

Building an information platform/tool gateway

Based on discussions with investors and donors, CCA has a view on the kind of information that some investors and donors are looking for. To increase the accessibility of the information that investors and donors are looking for, CCA is looking for the consultant to give target users the means to: 

  1. Search and filter the different businesses and business models in the sector
  2. Navigate different supply chains and value chains in the sector
  3. Interact with a map-based view of the sector
  4. Access reports on the sector, e.g. The Industry Snapshot 2021 report is an example of content created by CCA that has been positively received by the investor and donor communities   
  5. Locate interactive data tools that already exist, e.g. the HAPIT and FACIT tools
  6. Explore CCA-collected data and charts (in the future)

For all six of the journeys listed above, CCA has a view of what is needed, but seeks a partner to pressure test them, and then bring them to life, in a way that will be interactive, dynamic, and engaging. As mentioned, the CCA website already contains a lot of content on the sector, so a goal for this project will be to build from what already exists and integrate seamlessly with other sections of the website as much as possible, e.g.  the CCA’s current Resources page, which is currently an “information scaffold’ for content, such as reports, webinar recordings and PowerPoint files. The CCA’s new Venture Catalyst page should also be integrated with the business exploration capability. 

CCA would like to build in the ability to track site hits, click-throughs, and content downloads to produce metrics and insights on how users engage with the platform. These insights will be used to inform which content CCA should expand upon in the future, based on user interest.  

Scope of Work and Deliverables

The selected consultant will co-design, build, test and refine the platform. The deliverables will include an easy-to-use process to manage content, so that the platform can be kept current by CCA staff.

Project Timeline

The consultant will have approximately twelve weeks (between August and November) to co-design, build and test the solutions. 

Technical Requirements

CCA is at the final stages of creating a new website in WordPress. The new website will be ‘soft launched’ in late July. The new platform will be part of the new CCA website and must be fully and seamlessly integrated into the WordPress site.

Consultant Selection Timeline

Date Timeline
8/06/21 Proposals due
8/16/21 As applicable, calls with applicants and follow up questions
8/23/21 Consultant(s) selected and notified via email
9/06/21 Kickoff meeting with selected Consultant(s)






A detailed budget in US Dollars must be submitted with the proposal. Budget should include both pre-tax and net of tax values. The budget should include direct costs (Personnel, Fringe Benefits, Travel, Sub-Agreements, Equipment, Supplies, etc.), as well as indirect costs (overhead). For indirect costs, please indicate a list of expenses covered by the indirect rate. For all direct cost, please include assumptions that were made to arrive at line item costs. Please note that no travel is necessary to complete this project.  

If a bid has a mathematical discrepancy, CCA may correct the discrepancy and notify the consultant of the adjustment. In such circumstances, the consultant may choose to withdraw their bid. 

Evaluation process

CCA will review all written proposals and may request a phone or in-person interview and/or updated submission to address questions or provide clarification. CCA will use the following criteria in our evaluation.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation Criteria Weighting %
Approach: the methodology that uses an agile delivery style that keeps the project team flexible to discoveries and pivots along the way  15
Delivery capabilities and experience, including UI/UX Experience: demonstrated experience with similar technology build and design projects  50
Project Management: achievable action plan that will deliver the work on time and on budget 25
Financial proposal: the proposed pricing is clear and reasonable for the activities proposed 10

Intent and Disclaimer

This RFP is made with the intent to identify a consultant to deliver results as described in this RFP.  UNF/CCA will rely on the consultant’s representations to be truthful and as described.  CCA assumes it can be confident in the consultant’s ability to deliver the product(s) and/or service(s) proposed in response to this RFP.

If CCA amends the RFP, copies of any such amendments will be sent to all respondents to the proposal.

Proposal Guidelines and Requirements

  • This RFP is open to multiple partners and is a competitive process.
  • Proposals received after 8/06/21 and 17:00 EDT will not be considered.
  • The price provided should be in US dollars, and should contain both pre-tax and net of tax values. If the process excludes certain fees or charges, the applicant must provide a detailed list of excluded fees with a complete explanation of the nature of those fees.
  • CCA prefers a single point of contact who manages deliverables. If the execution of work to be performed by the consultant requires the hiring of sub-contractors, the consultant must clearly state this in the proposal. Sub-contractors must be identified and the work they will perform must be defined. Subcontractors are subject to vetting and approval of UNF/CCA. 
  • CCA will not refuse a proposal based upon the use of subcontractors; however, we retain the right to refuse the sub-contractors you have selected.
  • Provisions of this RFP and the contents of the successful responses are considered available for inclusion in final contractual obligations.

Format for Proposals

Proposals must include applicant signature as well as a signed declaration form. Proposals must include the full legal name of applicant, as well as legal formation and ownership structure (e.g. incorporation certification, tax status and ID, etc.). 

Contracting and Compliance

CCA will negotiate contract terms upon selection. A copy of the contract terms and conditions will be provided upon selection. All contracts are subject to review by the UN Foundation’s Business Services and Budget Reporting team. The project will start upon the complete execution of the contract. The contract will outline terms and conditions, scope, budget, and applicable flow down terms. Selected recipient(s) must comply with CCA, United Nations Foundation, and funder compliance requirements. The selected recipient(s) must also undergo detailed legal, financial, and commercial due diligence.


The consultant understands that CCA has chosen to solicit an RFP for consulting services, and that the consultant’s response does not guarantee that CCA will enter into a new contract with the consultant or continue any current contract(s) with the consultant.

The consultant agrees that CCA may, at its sole discretion:

  • Amend or cancel the RFP, in whole or in part, at any time
  • Extend the deadline for submitting responses
  • Determine whether a response does or does not substantially comply with the requirements of the RFP
  • Waive any minor irregularity, informality or nonconformance with the provisions or procedures of the RFP
  • Negotiate with all consultants UNF deems acceptable
  • Issue multiple awards
  • Photocopy the responses for evaluation/review

This RFP is not an offer to contract. CCA assumes no responsibility for consultant’s cost to respond to this RFP. All responses become the property of CCA.

The consultant, by submitting a response to this RFP, waives all right to protest or seek any legal remedies whatsoever regarding any aspect of this RFP. 

The consultant represents that it has responded to the RFP with complete honesty and accuracy. If facts provided in the consultant’s response change, the consultant agrees to supplement its response in writing with any deletions, additions, or changes within ten (10) days of the changes. The consultant will do this, as necessary, throughout the selection process.

The consultant understands it may receive proprietary and confidential information from CCA during the RFP process (“Confidential Information”).  The consultant and CCA agree to not use Confidential Information for any purpose other than the consultant’s participation in the RFP process, and to not reveal Confidential Information directly or indirectly to any other person, entity, or organization without the prior written consent of the other party. The consultant and CCA further agree to exercise all reasonable precautions to maintain the proprietary and confidential nature of Confidential Information where it can best demonstrate its value and capacity to delivery ecosystem-wide, meaningful value. 

Grounds for Exclusion

Material misrepresentations, including omissions, may disqualify the consultant from a contract award.

Submissions will be rejected in CCA’s sole discretion if it finds that the consultant has engaged in any illegal or corrupt practices in connection with the award.

The consultant will be excluded from participation for the reasons below. By submitting a proposal in response to the RFP, the consultant confirms that none of the below circumstances apply:

  • The consultant is bankrupt or being wound up, is having their affairs administered by the courts, has entered into an arrangement with creditors, has suspended business activities, is subject of proceedings concerning those matters, or is in any analogous situation arising from a similar procedure provided for in national legislation or regulations.
  • The consultant or persons having powers of representation, decision-making or control over them have been convicted of an offence concerning their professional conduct by a final judgment.
  • The consultant has been found guilty of grave professional misconduct; proven by any means which CCA can justify.
  • The consultant has not fulfilled obligations relating to the payment of social security contributions or taxes in accordance with the legal provisions of the country in which they are established, or within the United States of America, or those of the country where the contract is to be performed.
  • The consultant or persons having powers of representation, decision-making or control over them have been convicted for fraud, corruption, involvement in a criminal organization or money laundering by a final judgment.
  • The consultant makes use of child labor or forced labor and/or practice discrimination, and/or do not respect the right to freedom of association and the right to organize and engage in collective bargaining pursuant to the core conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Submission Details

Please address your submission to:
Subject Line: RFP Submission – Web Platform

Proposals are to be submitted in PDF form, with adjoining workplan and budget in Excel. 

Deadline: August 6, 2021 by 17.00 EDT