Mar 03, 2016
Type: Factsheet
Topic: Women/Gender
Country: Global

One of the major challenges to scaling women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship in the clean cooking sector is the capacity of implementing organizations to address gender and women’s entrepreneurship through their business models. The Alliance can provide gender expertise to companies who are interested in involving women as users, entrepreneurs, and employees to reach new customers, generate demand, increase revenue, and scale adoption. Partners are paired with a gender expert who will examine the enterprise’s potential impact on women’s empowerment and the level of integration of gender issues into the overall business model. The gender expert conducts training with staff and management to increase understanding of gender concepts and how and why women’s empowerment can strengthen the overall business model. A gender-sensitive value chain analysis helps businesses better understand how gender roles and relations impact the enterprise and its core activities. Based on the outcomes of the gender analysis, the gender expert will develop a gender action plan with clear objectives, activities, and indicators for success to help the enterprise achieve its goals.

Past grantees have found this support to be beneficial in achieving their social and financial goals. The Alliance has conducted gender capacity building with a number of Spark Fund and Women’s Empowerment Fund grantees, and there are several successful case studies highlighted in this brochure. For more information on the type of support the Alliance can provide to partners, please download the document below. To request support to conduct gender capacity building, please contact Krista Riddley, Senior Director of Gender and Humanitarian Programs at the Alliance at