Stockholm Environmental Institute   |   2016
Type: Progress Report
Topic: Adoption, Environment/Climate
Country: Bangladesh, China, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda
The SEI Initiative on Behaviour and Choice aims to generate new knowledge about what drives individual and household behaviour change in the context of adopting new technologies. The overarching objective is to develop and test a conceptual framework that can account for many different drivers of behaviour, and we will draw on empirical data from a series of case studies to build and test the framework. A case study on improved cookstoves in Kenya got under way in 2015. As a first step in the initiative, we conducted a literature review of various behaviour-change approaches that have been used to understand cookstove adoption, and this brief summarizes the findings of the review. Specifically, we looked at how behaviour-change approaches were used in improved cookstove interventions in developing countries.