Topic: Women/Gender
Country: Global

The Alliance is working to ensure that a gender lens is applied during the implementation of the Capacity Building Facility (CBF), which is designed to fund capacity building for clean cookstoves and fuels companies that are ready to scale and able to obtain long-term capital. This involves a research and development effort, resulting in tangible gender-inclusion resources for CBF partners (investors, enterprises and capacity builders) delivered through a two-part training program. Gender considerations are critical, as incorporating gender concerns into clean cooking projects can maximize benefits for both men and women, while increasing the effectiveness and sustainability of cooking sector enterprises. As women are the main users of these products and services, they ultimately determine adoption and use. Additionally, women have demonstrated that they are effective producers and suppliers of clean cooking solutions and are critical for widespread adoption. However, they remain an underutilized potential asset in creating this global market.

Using the resources and tools presented in the training, participants will be equipped to design and implement appropriate and impactful gender-informed approaches. The training and set of tools have been developed to ensure aligned gender approaches among different stakeholders – from investment to implementation of capacity building interventions.