Nov 11, 2015
Type: Progress Report
Country: Global

As part of its commitment to monitor and report on the state of the clean cooking sector, the Alliance invites its partners to share their annual progress towards our 100 M household adoption goal. The annual results report serves as an important tool to track and measure the impact of the Alliance and its partners in promoting market-based solutions for clean and efficient cooking.

The 2014 results report provides a snapshot of how the Alliance’s partners are progressing in its strategic vision of facilitating the adoption of 100 million cookstoves by 2020 as reported by our partners.

Two important features of the 2014 results report are:

  • This year’s report integrates information from the Alliance’s Clean Cooking Catalog, a global database of cookstoves, fuels, and performance data. Test results and reported stove and fuel characteristics were used to estimate the degree to which clean and efficient cookstove and fuel volumes are scaling up by IWA performance tier, interim guidelines for stove and fuel performance.
  • The Alliance continues to strengthen its efforts to track the status of fuel production, accessibility, distribution, and use, in order to better assess health and environmental benefits.

    The Alliance is grateful to all partners who contributed precious time to provide data for this report. The results report provides only a partial reflection of their valuable contributions to the clean cooking sector. Click here to see Infographic