Nov 09, 2015
Type: Tool
Topic: Women/Gender
Country: Global

The Alliance and Value for Women have designed a training for clean cooking sector enterprises on how to design and implement a gendered operations model. It is designed for managers of enterprises in the clean energy sector, of various sizes and stages of growth. The training provides an introduction to approaches for gender-informed practices, which can be tailored to the needs of your firm, as well as additional reference material. The training provides guidance for building gender into the operations and human resources policies of your business. It explains how inclusion will enhance the performance of your firm, and provides examples of best practices for achieving this.

The training includes information on: • The business case for gender-informed approaches • Common challenges and solutions • Methods and tools for implementation • Best practices and additional resources

This is part of a broader package of gender tools available to Alliance partners, including gender due diligence assessments, gendered value chain analysis, best practices for integrating gender throughout the sector, and agency-based empowerment training. Additional or tailored support can be arranged based on the needs of your business.

For more information on the Alliance’s gender tools and/or to access additional support, contact Rachel Mahmud, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves