May 19, 2015
Type: Progress Report
Topic: Consumer Segmentation, Market Assessments
Country: Global

This report, developed by ESMAP in collaboration with the Alliance, builds a strong evidence-based case for accelerating clean cooking solutions in pursuit of sustainable development. It provides a comprehensive picture of the current state of the clean cooking sector. Building on the latest literature and using original research and analysis, the report maps sector demand and supply trends, and provides the first ever global baseline and market forecast for clean and improved cooking solutions. Additionally, the report suggests a number of steps that governments, donors, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector can take accelerate the adoptions of clean, efficient cooking stoves and fuels.

The central message from the report is that the household cooking market has immense potential with households, that together already spend over US$100 billion annually on cooking fuel. While there remain formidable challenges to overcome, there is significant opportunity in the large and growing clean cooking market.