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Type: Market Assessments
Topic: Market Assessments
Country: Lao PDR
Conducted by GERES, with support from LIRE and the inter‐ministerial Taskforce on Clean Cookstoves, this report establishes Lao Clean Stove Initiative (CSI) project baseline information based on the survey, study, and analysis of stove and fuel utilization, stove user characteristics and socio‐economic situation (including gender and health indicators), preferences and needs in Luangprabang, Xiengkhouang and Oudomxay, the three provinces of the project in northern Lao PDR. Included in the analysis is the performance and safety testing of selected traditional stoves according to international and adapted testing protocols, which helps assess the need and feasibility of improving existing stove models. Existing production capacities, the availability and quality of raw materials, and the labor situation in northern Lao PDR were also assessed as part of the baseline. Information and recommendations resulting from this step will inform stove research and development activities, to design a stove model that meets improved efficiency (compared to baseline), emissions, safety, indoor air pollution (IAP) and user preference requirements.