A. Thulstrup and W.J. Henry, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations   |   Apr 06, 2015
Type: Journal Article
Topic: Fuels, Women/Gender
Country: South Sudan

Unasylva 243/244, Vol. 66, 2015/1–2
An international journal of forestry and forest industries

Short abstract: The example of South Sudan, with its millions of displaced people, exposes the pressing need for sustainable supplies of woodfuel and efficient cooking technologies in the wake of emergencies, to ensure not only food security, health and safety but also environmental sustainability.

"In acute emergencies, where the displacement of people poses a risk to food security and environmental sustainability, a relevant starting point is the provision of fuel efficient, durable and portable cookstoves for both displaced people and host communities. These can be deployed as an integral part of emergency kits for affected populations."