Nov 20, 2014
Type: Tool
Country: Global

In 2013, the Alliance published our Partner Country Toolkit, which describes a ten-step process to further develop the improved cookstoves and fuels markets in our partner countries. This guide builds on the partner toolkit and expands on Step 6: Drive Investment and Scale Enterprises to Meet Consumer Need. The toolkit describes the Alliance’s approach to enterprise development in four sections:

1. Enterprise Development GPS: How to Determine Your Starting Point 2. Fueling the Enterprise: How to Determine the Right Types of Funding 3. Hitting the Road: How to Develop and Implement Financing Mechanisms for Enterprises 4. Servicing the Engine: How to Build Capacity

The Alliance serves as a resource and knowledge hub for the clean cooking sector, with a particular focus on helping all of our country partners make progress in developing their own thriving markets for clean cookstoves and fuels. We have prepared this toolkit to share the steps we took to address the barriers to investment and the lessons we learned on our journey to help enterprises prepare to access commercial capital to scale.