Corinne Hart, Genevieve Macfarlane Smith    |   Dec 20, 2014
Topic: Women/Gender
Country: Global
Abstract: Women are critical players in the adoption and scale of clean cooking solutions. Barriers to adoption of cleaner cooking solutions start within the home and with the cooks. Without engaging the women who are responsible for cooking in the design and dissemination of clean cookstoves and fuels, efforts will fall flat. As partners, women should be encouraged to lead efforts that seek to develop effective, culturally- appropriate, and sustainable solutions. Gender-informed business models in particular serve as a crucial foundation to the success of clean cooking solutions globally. In addition, best practices that engage both women and men need to be culturally adapted and widely applied throughout the sector. The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves’ ‘Resource Guide on Scaling Adoption of Clean Cooking Solutions through Women’s Empowerment’ outlines best practices for engaging women and addressing gender issues within the entire clean cooking value chain and is an important tool for understanding why and how to involve and empower women in the clean cooking value chain.