Oct 21, 2014
Type: Progress Report
Topic: Adoption, Monitoring and Evaluation
Country: Global
The Alliance's annual results reporting process is designed to provide a better understanding of the annual activities of the Alliance and its partners, with a focus on global progress towards the adoption of cleaner, more efficient cooking technologies and fuels. The 2013 Results Report: Sharing Partner Progress on the Path to Adoption of Clean Cooking Solutions is the second in a series of annual Alliance reports illuminating traction and trends in the cookstove and fuel sector. Information presented in this report is based on self-reported data collected from the Alliance's diverse partnership base, including cookstove and fuel designers, manufacturers, distributors, testing organizations, researchers, local implementing partners, consultants, carbon project developers, multilateral institutions, investors, donors, and other organizations. The majority of the data was collected through an online survey designed, administered, and analyzed by Forest Trends' Ecosystem Marketplace, with technical and outreach support from the Alliance secretariat and its focus country market managers.