Dec 02, 2014
Type: Progress Report
Country: Global
On November 20-21, 2014, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves convened more than 400 world leaders and global influencers for the inaugural Cookstoves Future Summit. At the event, the international community declared its intent to further catalyze the market for clean cooking solutions and formally reaffirmed its commitment to support the Alliance in its goal to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women and protect the environment. The summit celebrated the significant progress the sector has made since 2010 and secured predictable, flexible, and sustainable funding to help execute Phase 2 of the Alliance’s strategic plan to enable 100 million households to adopt clean cooking solutions by 2020. On the first day of the summit, a series of panel discussions addressed capitalization to support scale in production and distribution, standards and testing, advocacy, humanitarian outreach and more. On day two, implementing governments, multinational corporations, foundations, investors, NGOs and other actors gathered at a roundtable to commit to financial, policy and programmatic actions to advance the market for cleaner and more efficient cookstoves and fuels. A total of $413 million in grant and investment funding was raised.