Oct 29, 2014
Type: Progress Report
Country: Global
The Alliance Phase I Report: Fueling Markets, Catalyzing Action, Changing Lives provides a comprehensive overview of the Alliance’s achievements from 2010-2014, a period that represents Phase I of its strategic business plan. The report charts the growth of the Alliance’s global suite of partners from 19 to 1,000 members, and outlines the strategies and tactics that have helped accelerate the market for cleaner and more efficient cookstoves and fuels. In this period, the Alliance helped facilitate the adoption of 20 million cleaner and more efficient cookstoves, which represents huge progress in its goal to deploy clean cooking solutions in 100 million households by 2020. The report outlines several of the Alliance’s key value propositions. These include its work in leading the development of common ISO standards and universal testing protocols; its emphasis on building the evidence base for clean cookstoves and fuels; its focus on driving investment, strengthening enterprises and encouraging innovation in the sector through its Spark Fund, Pilot Innovation Fund and Women’s Empowerment Fund; and its prioritization of consumer research to ensure that the market produces cookstoves and fuels that offer real benefits to the 500 million households worldwide that still use solid fuels for cooking. The report provides a quick overview of Alliance work to date in its eight focus countries, and news on the sector’s growing emphasis on the development and distribution of clean fuels. The report also features a road map outlining the priorities in Phase II of the Alliance's strategic plan which includes a goal for 60 million households to adopt a cleaner and more efficient cookstoves and fuels by 2017.