Nov 01, 2013
Type: Country Action Plan
Country: Bangladesh
Bangladesh Country Action Plan for Clean Cookstoves (CAP) defines what is needed to kick-start and develop the Bangladesh clean cookstove market. The CAP makes the case for taking immediate action towards achieving the goal of 100% clean cooking solutions by 2030. It identifies key barriers to the large scale adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels, the desired outcomes if these barriers are removed, as well as potential intervention options and mechanisms for quickly and effectively taking action. Stakeholders have incorporated their thoughts and understanding and have tailored this CAP for Bangladesh’s cookstoves and fuels market, social customs, infrastructure and for the task of combating challenges like deforestation, indoor air pollution etc. The target of this CAP is to disseminate cookstoves to over 30 million households in Bangladesh by 2030: current market penetration represents just 3% of the target potential, indicating the scale of the challenge and the critical need for a more coordinated, innovative and integrated approach. An approved national action plan is a key step to strengthen overall planning (avoid duplication), coordination (share best practices) and collaboration (increase synergies and capitalize on economies of scale) amongst relevant sector actors with the ultimate goal to create a sustainable market and to scale up current interventions.