Dahlberg   |   Aug 28, 2013
Type: Market Assessments
Topic: Fuels
Country: Kenya
This report details the findings of a study commissioned by the Alliance and the Global LPG Partnership to assess the opportunities for LPG to be scaled up as a clean cooking fuel in Kenya. The two main areas of analysis in the study are: Demand Assessment: Understand baseline LPG demand, demand drivers, market segmentation for LPG and forecast future demand accounting for different scenarios and LPG Market Structure Assessment: Understand LPG value chain – players, types of investments etc., and prioritize key gaps to be addressed in the value chain including policy issues. The goals of the market assessment were to: estimate the total market potential for LPG usage for cooking by households in Kenya; develop a rich fact base around the opportunities and challenges related to accelerating the use of LPG for cooking in Kenya; and provide an early assessment of the potential for investments or other interventions across the LPG value chain in Kenya to increase access to LPG cooking fuels and stoves.