Nov 20, 2013
Type: Research Report
Topic: Consumer Segmentation
Country: Kenya
This report details the phase one findings of a study commissioned by the Alliance to identify the main consumer segments in Kenya and examine those with the greatest potential to reach large scale clean cook stove and fuel adoption. The objective of the first phase of the study was to closely examine the top five most promising consumer segments to understand their current relationship to improved cookstoves and fuels as well as their motivation to and reservations about purchasing household consumer products, in order to then narrow the focus to the top three segments. Phase two of the study will be completed in early 2014 and will seek to better understand the needs and behaviors of the consumers in the top three identified segments in several areas, including: the best ways to reach the consumer, marketing messaging that would influence the consumer, financing models available to and preferred by the consumer, cooking and household energy needs of the consumer, and the cultural implications of a shift in tradition for the consumer.