Sep 25, 2013
Type: Progress Report
Topic: Monitoring and Evaluation
Country: Global
FULL REPORT: This report tracks partners’ global progress in 2012 toward their shared adoption goal, building on previous years’ results reporting conducted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Partnership for Clean Indoor Air (PCIA). This year, as part of its commitment to monitoring and evaluation, the Alliance assumed lead responsibility for annual results reporting. In doing so, the Alliance has refined and further expanded results reporting to better enable a broader group of stakeholders to share progress and learn from one another. The 2012 Results Report: Sharing Partner Progress on the Path to Adoption of Clean Cooking Solutions is envisioned to be the first in a series of annual results reports illuminating traction and trends in the cookstove and fuel sector. Since comparison with PCIA’s early data provides limited information on stove distribution trends, in most cases the information collected here will serve as the broader baseline for future reporting. (3MB, 48 pages)