Oct 18, 2012
Type: Research Report
Topic: Monitoring and Evaluation, Testing
Country: Global
Across the sector, there has been widespread consensus on the need for a comprehensive and transparent understanding of how current technologies and fuels perform in the laboratory and field. Building from this aspiration and several recommendations from the Alliance working group process (Standards and Testing, Monitoring and Evaluation, Climate, and Carbon Finance), the Alliance has released a detailed inventory of stove and fuel performance, including emissions, indoor air pollution, efficiency, fuel use, and other metrics from a range of laboratory- and field-based protocols.

This Stove Performance Inventory, developed by the Berkeley Air Monitoring Group in partnership with the Alliance, contains data from over 600 sets of performance tests. A detailed report is available in the Resources section of the Alliance’s website, which describes:

• The stove and fuel types and geographical regions included in the inventory;
• Systematic survey process;
• Database framework;
• Analysis of the data; and
• Implications for international guidelines and standards, the carbon finance market, and the Alliance’s goals.

Detailed data from the inventory database is now available in the Alliance’s Clean Cooking Catalog: http://catalog.cleancookstoves.org/