Alex Kamweru for UN Foundation
Partner site visit, Kenya 2014


The Alliance works with hundreds of donor, national, implementer, service provider, and champion partners whose active engagement is essential to the success of our goal to foster the adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels in 100 million households by 2020. Our partners include governments, multilateral organizations, the private sector, NGOs, universities, researchers, and philanthropic organizations, among others. We encourage you to stay informed and get involved by becoming a partner today.

Donor Partners

Donor partners represent bilateral, corporate, multilateral, foundation, non-profit, or individual contributors who make a financial commitment to the Alliance. Donor partners can also provide valuable contributions in the form of unrestricted or targeted financial or in-kind support. Find current donors, learn how to become a donor partner here, or make a gift here.

National Partners

National partners are governments who make a national commitment to the adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels; take a leadership role in disseminating clean cooking solutions or employing best practices; and/or provide funding or in-kind services to the Alliance. Find current national implementing partners here. Find current national donor partners here.

Implementing Partners

Implementing partners are organizations directly involved in the implementation of clean cooking solutions, which may include design, manufacture, distribution, marketing, or sale of cookstoves or fuels by the private sector, NGOs, humanitarian groups, etc.

Service Provider Partners

Service providers are organizations that provide professional services to other clean cooking implementers, which may include research, testing, capacity building, business support, etc.

Champion Partners

Champion partners are institutions or individuals who support the Alliance’s mission and goals, but do not directly implement clean cooking solutions or provide professional services to implementers. This may include organizations active in related fields, investors, faith-based charities, advocacy groups, or interested individuals.

What are the benefits of partnering with the Alliance?

  • Resources & Capacity Building
    • Eligibility for funding opportunities
    • Invitation to workshops, biennial forums, and webinars
    • First look at toolkits, reports, and other resources
    • Newsletter subscription
    • For corporate donors, the unique opportunity to better understand base of the pyramid consumers in some of the world’s fastest growing markets
  • Partnership Brokering & Networking
    • Invitation to global, regional, and local events
    • Introduction to donors, partners, media, and other connections, as appropriate
    • Participation in steering committees or peer review panels, as appropriate
  • Enhanced Visibility
    • Featured in our online partner directory
    • Opportunity to appear in the partner spotlight of our monthly newsletter
    • Promotion on Alliance on social media channels
    • For donors, brand recognition on our website and in printed materials

How can partners contribute to the Alliance?

  • Support the Alliance’s mission and contribute to our goal of 100 million households adopting clean cookstoves and fuels by 2020.
  • Actively promote the Alliance and work to raise awareness of the health, environmental, gender and livelihood impacts of clean cooking solutions.
  • Share experience, expertise, best practices, tools and resources.
  • Explore opportunities to test your cooking technology or those used in the work of your organization and aim to improve technology performance over time based on ISO IWA Tiers of Performance and future international standards.
  • Report annually on your organization’s results to advance the adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels.