MissionDevelop technical standards for stoves in Nigeria; Provide testing and certification services related to stove technical quality, indoor air pollution, and energy efficiency; Assist stove developers in improving stove design and construction methods; Conduct research and development in collaboration with Nigerian and international research institutes and laboratories; Serve as a national demonstration center for clean cooking technologies; and Carry out public awareness campaigns.
Partner TypeChampion
Organization TypeOther (please describe)
Other Organization TypeThe center provides stove development testing and certification services and
Organizational ExpertiseClimate/Environment, Policy Development, Research, Standards, Technology and Fuel R&D, Lab or Field Testing
Technologies and FuelsNot Applicable
Clean Cooking ActivitiesThe center is at its infancy stage but has developed a workplan for future works.
PartnershipThe center has an ongoing partnership with Aprovecho Research Center, USA; Biomass Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Center of the Beijing University of Chemical Engineering in China; and the Center for Study and Research on Renewable Energies (CERER), Senegal. these organizations are partners of the Global Alliance. The center will further strengthen and expand these partnerships through knowledge sharing, skills development and networking.
Regions Operating InSub-Saharan Africa
Countries Operating InNigeria
AddressOff Ndibe Beach Road
State/ProvinceEbonyi State
Postal Code90001
Primary Point of Contact
   First NameEwah
   Last NameEleri
   Phone(234803) 206-2040