MissionBiomass Engineering Center, China Agricultural University is a key laboratory of Clean Production and Utilization of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Agriculture, P. R. China (CPURE) committed to establishing optimized methodologies for the performance assessment of stoves globally, as well as promoting the development of the stove industry in China and other developing countries.
Partner TypeService Provider
Organization TypeResearch (Academic, Other)
Organizational ExpertiseCapacity Building, Carbon Finance, Climate/Environment, Gender / Womens Empowerment, Humanitarian/Emergency Response, Lab or Field Testing, Monitoring and Evaluation, Policy Development, Research, Standards, Technology and Fuel R&D
Technologies and FuelsBiogas, Biomass (Ag. Residue, Processed Biomass, etc.), Charcoal, Ethanol/Alcohol, Kerosene, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Other, Pellets / Briquettes, Solar
Other Technologies and FuelsLiquefied bio-oil from farm residues
Clean Cooking ActivitiesWith investigations on different testing standards, the center is committed to develop and improve current standards, and promote the establishment of international standards together with all other colleagues of the Alliance.
PartnershipThe organization would like to become one of the regional knowledge and testing centers for household biomass cookstoves in China. It is proposed that the center will focus on the testing of biomass cookstoves and extension of clean combustion technologies and devices around China and further for other developing countries.
The assessment methodologies for biomass cookstoves would be studied.
Comparisons of different testing standards will be conducted.
The center will perform surveys and investigations on practical demands and comprehensive performance of biomass cookstoves in rural areas.
Trainings of clean combustion of biomass cookstoves will be held in the center annually.
Clean combustion, heat transfer, pollutant discharge and monitoring theories during utilization of biomass cookstoves will be studied.
The most important task, which is, the cultivation of talents, will be performed with the construction of this platform and at least two graduate students are expected to get involved in the program.
Regions Operating InEast Asia and Pacific
Countries Operating InChina
AddressNo. 17 Qinghua Donglu
Haidian District
Postal Code100083
Primary Point of Contact
   First NameYuguang
   Last NameZhou
   Phone(861346) 670-0667