MissionOur mission is to identify opportunities, improve livelihood/poverty alleviation and engage communities in the sustainable management of natural resources.
Partner TypeChampion
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Other Organization TypeCommon Initiative Groupe
Organizational ExpertiseCapacity Building, Climate/Environment, Livelihoods, Other (please describe)
Technologies and FuelsWood
Clean Cooking ActivitiesSince 2011 when Global Hand began working in this part of the country, we have realized that communities that are close to the forest areas of Mount Cameroon have engaged in indiscriminate exploitation of forest resources especially wood which is their major source of energy. In this light, we equally came to realized that some household make use of more than 25 kg of wood per day. looking at the health implications, it is obvious that, wood produce a lot of smoke which is very dangerous to health. Also, it is noted that women stand a greater risk because they are a very strong actor in the kitchens than men. Considering the amount of wood that they use a day, one can easily understand the amount of heat energy that they expose them selves to which is also harmful to their health. It is on these notes that we are looking for more efficient cooking techniques that can better support good health meanwhile, we are also determine to build capacities with regards to clean cooking stoves. Through this, we will save lives, income, the forest, habitat, and empower women.
PartnershipWith regards to our interest to promote environmental best practices..natural resource management..poverty alleviation among forest dependent communities, Global Hand's participation and contribution in this partnership will include the following:
1. To attend training
2. To transfer new ideas and knowledge to the rural masses
3. To encourage the use of Clean Cookstoves
4. To assist in the distribution of the products of the Clean Cookstoves in Cameroon and South West in particular
5. To benefit from your funding opprotunities

Global Hand's contribution will include the following:
1. To promote the mission of Global Alliance For Clean Cookstoves
2. To carry out sensitization workshops
3. To become a distributor of the clean cookstoves were possible

Regions Operating InSub-Saharan Africa
Countries Operating InCameroon
AddressVasingi, Buea, Fako Division, South West Region
Primary Point of Contact
   First NameEVAMBE
   Last NameThompson ATRA
Secondary Point of Contact
   First NameAnnette