MissionSDOB is development organization working with disadvantaged women and men including indigenous communities to alleviate poverty in order improve the living standard of the community. Ensuring environmental friendliness in-country, SDOB operates collaboratively with international aid communities.
Partner TypeImplementer
Organization TypeNon-Governmental Organization
Organizational ExpertiseAdoption / Behavior Change, Capacity Building, Climate/Environment, Finance / Investment, Gender / Womens Empowerment, Humanitarian/Emergency Response, Institutional Cooking, Livelihoods, Marketing, Microfinance, Monitoring and Evaluation, Policy Development, Research, Standards, Technology and Fuel R&D
Technologies and FuelsNot Applicable
Clean Cooking ActivitiesSocial Development Organigation of Bangladesh (SDOB)
Organization interest or activities related to clean cookstoves or fuels :
Social Development Organization of Bangladesh is a welfare organization. From Feni Zilla, it operate different programme as an voluntary organization during 20 years throughout the Country. To implement various programme this organization take distinctive initiatives. This organization was capable to achieve legal authority from department of Social service Government people's republican Bangladesh 939/Feni-111/97. Date : 13.03.1997. To implement various programme which involved nationally and internationally aid community, SDOB registered from NGO Affairs bureau, Prim minister's office 05.11.2009, such as: 2511.
To alleviate poverty SDOB achieved legal authority from micro cradit Regulatory authority in 01.01.2015.
To remove harmful impact of gas and to protect mother and Children health sdob initaited smokefree "Grihini Unnata Chula" and certified by industry directorate People's Republic of Bangladesh and this organization also capable to gain certificate by Dhaka University.
PartnershipOrganization capacity building: SDOB has worked for 20 years in the areas of the environment, forestation, poverty alleviation, child marriage, dowry violence, national day's celebration, vaccination programme etc. Aid Community declared programme celebrate cordially and collaborately.
2. I would like to participate in this partnership cordially. The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves initiated by social development organization of Bangladesh. The partnership between this organization are play vital role because 90% family depends on solid fuel for their cooking. Solid fuels means wood, cowdung, agricultural waste. About 44 million solid fuels are use for house cooking which about 68% for total national fuels. General stoves create more smoke which equal to 400 cigeratte a day. We know that the rate rate of population growth in Bangladesh is over. About 90% people live in the village and major portion depend on organic fuels. According to BIDS 2004, 97% fuels and wood, 44% are tree branches and 60% are tree leaves which are directly attacked on forestation. As a result, forest are destroying gradually and changed Bio diversity. Rural traditional stoves create a lot of smoke which is harmful for health. According to WHO in the developing countries health risk is very high due to internal air pollution. For this reason, 2 million people died immature age. According to IAP every year 78.28% people directly or indirectly die due to environment pollution and 3 crore people indirectly suffer various incurable diseases. In Bangladesh female are directly involved with cooking and also serious diseases. Such as: Asthma, sneeze, tuberculosis etc.
Grehiny unnata Chula is an ultra modern environment friendly Chula. It completely smoke and blackness free Chula. To implement Grehiny cook stoves programme partnership is essential and there is no alternative of money. Global Alliance cookstoves project is longterm project and they operate different activities collaborately with SDOB, to implement Grehiny unnata Chula project financial, technical and coordinational help is essential. For this reason Grehini unnata Chula project want to participate with partnership.
Regions Operating InSouth Asia
Countries Operating InBangladesh
AddressAdarsha Housing Society, Jamal Bhaban (4th Floor), Panchgachia Road, Mohipal, Feni.
Postal CodeSDOB
Primary Point of Contact
   First NameDidarul
   Last NameAlam