MissionAccess to Life Foundation works with women and the youth in building local capacity in ensuring they have access to information and have the requisite skills especially in current technology that will enhance their lives. The target group especially women spend close to 70% of their lives doing unpaid jobs. All the activities of their lives circled around work to have food security, health, personal and community hygiene and a better future for their children. ALF works with them to access more energy and cost efficient ways to ease the burden.
Partner TypeService Provider
Organization TypeNon-Governmental Organization
Organizational ExpertiseAdoption / Behavior Change, Capacity Building, Finance / Investment, Gender / Womens Empowerment, Livelihoods, Microfinance, Monitoring and Evaluation
Technologies and FuelsNot Applicable
Clean Cooking ActivitiesALF works with women groups who trade in local soap (alata samina) making, others in palm oil processing, cooking food for sale, etc. The returns from these activities are saved in their savings and loans association to help invest in their trades and also cater for their personal and family needs. ALF will introduce the clean cookstoves or fuels to these women groups whose primary goal is to maximize their profits. They will be able to access more energy and improve efficiency in their work at least cost and time.
PartnershipAccess to Life Foundation is a local implementing organisation currently operating in 2 municipalities and 4 districts in Ashanti regional and Brong Ahafo. In the two municipalities; Ejisu-Juaben & Asunafo North, ALF has two hundred and forty-four (244) savings groups with Four thousand, nine hundred and seventy-five (4,975) beneficiaries of which majority were females representing (62.8%). These groups are involved in group managed savings and loans associations. They have been trained in financial management and entrepreneurial skills. Some these groups are in local soap (alata samina) making, others in palm oil processing, cooking food for sale, etc. Access to Life Foundation in partnering with Global Alliance will be an implementer directly involved in the implementation of clean cooking solutions, by helping how these cookstoves can meet the need of the commercial cookin and processing can done using clean cooking solutions. The other aspect will include distribution, marketing, or sale of cookstoves or fuels. The cookstoves will be introduced to the women groups to gain from its benefits. They will be able to save their households’ time and money. Also, they will be insured against chronic and acute health effects such as child pneumonia and heart diseases. Again, the use of clean cooking technologies will help reduce the negative impacts on their forests, habitats and biodiversity. This is because their activities in collecting firewood from the forests for cooking with all its associated risks will be curtailed.
Regions Operating InSub-Saharan Africa
Countries Operating InGhana
Address3rd Crescent Street Plot 6 Sabin Akrofuom-Kumasi
Postal CodeP.O. Box KS 8859, Kumasi
Primary Point of Contact
   First NameLambert
   Last NameDandeebo
Secondary Point of Contact
   First NameFrancisca
   Last NameAgyekum-Boateng