Mission Our mission is to assist local entrepreneurs to make and sell "open source" Haines Solar Cookers to retail under $25 USD.
In side-by-side tests with seven other popular solar cookers, the Haines Solar Cooker consistently heated a liter of water to boiling in about an hour--50% faster than the next-best solar cooker.
The Haines Solar Cooker is made of durable MPET and polycarbonate film, weighs only 0.6 Kg., stores rolled up in a Yoga mat bag, and does not use plastic "oven bags."
Partner TypeImplementer
Organization TypeSmall or Medium Enterprise
Organizational ExpertiseAdoption / Behavior Change, Lab or Field Testing, Marketing, Monitoring and Evaluation
Technologies and FuelsSolar
Clean Cooking ActivitiesIn 2013, Rotary Clubs distributed 291 Haines Cookers of an earlier design to women's groups in Nairobi, Kenya after a half-day of training. Rotary's evaluation found that three months after distribution, three months after distribution, Rotary evaluators found that five of every six families were solar cooking at least weekly, half the families used their cooker every sunny day, and a third cooked two meals a day with the solar cooker. On average, the families reported saving $9 USD a month on fuel costs, and reduced their use of firewood by 77 percent.
In the next few months Rotary will distribute 500 “open source” Haines Solar Cookers of the new design to low-income families in Gulu, Uganda. We are currently looking for an organization to plan and conduct an independent evaluation of the use of the cookers after distribution.
Rotary has also provided $24,000 seed money to a solar cooking entrepreneur in Nairobi, Kenya, to make and sell “open source” Haines Solar Cookers in stores in the Nairobi area. The entrepreneur is expected to begin selling in the next few months. Again, we are looking for an independent evaluator.
PartnershipThe "open source" Haines Solar Cooker is intended as a supplement to a fuel-burning cookstove on sunny days. The Haines can be used with any standard cooking pot (with NO plastic cooking bag). It can cook two meals a day, because it doubles as a "heat-retention basket" that keeps the evening meal hot after sundown. In sunny climates, the addition of a Haines Solar Cooker can save more fuel than by using a fuel-efficient stove alone.
The Haines Solar Cooker is safer and easier to use than a fuel-efficient stove. There is no dangerous fire, no unhealthy smoke, and zero carbon emissions. Food never burns, so no stirring is required. It saves time and work.
We respectfully request that the GACC independently evaluate the Haines Solar Cooker as a supplement to a fuel-efficient cookstove when the sun shines. The two projects that Rotary is about to undertake in in Gulu, Uganda, and Nairobi, Kenya, provide excellent opportunities for the GACC to conduct that evaluation. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you.
Regions Operating InSub-Saharan Africa
Countries Operating InUganda
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