MissionWaste management and fuel creation
Partner TypeImplementer
Organization TypeSmall or Medium Enterprise
Organizational ExpertiseOther (please describe)
ExpertiseWaste treatment/management, sanitation
Technologies and FuelsBiomass (Ag. Residue, Processed Biomass, etc.), Pellets / Briquettes
Clean Cooking ActivitiesSanivation creates fuel briquettes for cookstoves from waste, which comes from its toilet service and local rose farms in Naivasha, Kenya. The briquettes are cheaper, cleaner, and longer lasting than charcoal.
PartnershipSanivation is looking for funding opportunities to expand its model from pilot programs to the greater market in Naivasha, Kenya, and other communities. Sanivation is committed to measuring its impact, and can share its experiences with others.
Regions Operating InSub-Saharan Africa
Countries Operating InKenya
AddressPO Box 262
Postal Code20117
Primary Point of Contact
   First NameBenjamin
   Last NameKramer
   Phone+254 716 963 462
Secondary Point of Contact
   First NameAndrew
   Last NameFoote