MissionProviding effective, efficient, affordable and eco-friendly cookstoves to the Kenyan families and beyond for sustainable growth
Partner TypeImplementer
Organization TypeSmall or Medium Enterprise
Organizational ExpertiseClimate/Environment, Gender / Womens Empowerment, Livelihoods, Marketing, Technology and Fuel R&D, Other (please describe)
ExpertiseClean Energy Training
Technologies and FuelsBiomass (Ag. Residue, Processed Biomass, etc.), Charcoal, Pellets / Briquettes
Other Technologies and FuelsBiomass gasification using Top-lit Updraft technology
Clean Cooking ActivitiesWisdom Innovations is a functional business after carrying out a successful pilot program that was conducted in the year 2011. It owns a production facility comprising of a permanent building serving as a workshop and warehouse in North Kinangop, about 110km from Nairobi. The facility is on a ½ acre piece of property. The business was registered as a for profit company at the Office of the Attorney General in February 2012. The stoves are manufactured at the workshop and then distributed through microfinance institutions, SACCOs, dairy co-operatives/societies and other organized groups. Wisdom Innovations has managed to manufacture and sell over 850 cookstoves so far.
PartnershipWisdom Innovations wants to generate demand for clean cookstoves from the bottom up, by establishing partnerships with microfinances for purposes of financing clean cookstoves acquisition. The company is entirely committed on long term basis to the GACC’s Strategy for Universal Adoption of Clean Cookstoves and Fuels.

Wisdom Innovations' partnership will promote distribution of clean cookstoves to the Kenyan communities using existing lending systems both in rural and urban areas. So far, some functional partnerships with lending institutions have already been finalized with tremendous results.

more information about Wisdom Innovations' activities is available on www.facebook.com/wisdomstoves
Regions Operating InSub-Saharan Africa
Countries Operating InKenya
AddressP.O. Box 271
CityNorth Kinangop
Postal Code20318
Primary Point of Contact
   First NameDaniel
   Last NameWaithaka
   Phone 254 723 241907
Secondary Point of Contact
   First NameNathan
   Last NamePuffer
   Phone 254 788 676875