MissionCleanStar Mozambique Lda. (CSM) is a vertically integrated clean energy venture that spans the value chain for household energy products with operations in agriculture, processing and retail. CSM's business model is based on a profitable triple-bottom-line ethanol-fueled cooking stove concept offering pioneering commercial solutions to the interconnected social and environmental problems that result from the use of charcoal as a cooking fuel by urban households.


The primary objective of CleanStar Mozambique Limited is to own, control and support an integrated energy business in Mozambique which will:
a. Establish and manage a significant small-holder based agro-forestry program, growing a diverse and synergistic mix of trees and crops on degraded and abandoned land;
b. Establish and manage community based buying and pre-processing centers;
c. Establish and manage a centralized bio-processing facility;
d. Produce cooking fuel and enabling technologies within Mozambique; and
e. Expand in due course through the provinces of Sofala, Inhambane and Nampula, with significant opportunity to replicate the business model in other African markets.


CSM envisions a future where Sub-Saharan Africa has a clean and affordable cooking solution that contributes to the reduction of the health burden from Indoor-Air-Pollution and the unsustainable deforestation wrought by charcoal produced for cooking.
Partner TypeImplementer
Organization TypeSmall or Medium Enterprise
Organizational ExpertiseCarbon Finance, Climate/Environment, Gender / Womens Empowerment, Health, Livelihoods, Marketing
ExpertiseCleanStar Mozambique (CSM) is an integrated energy business. The venture earns revenue from the sale of packaged food and a clean, safe and modern ethanol-based cooking solution to low income urban households. By displacing charcoal with ethanol as a cooking fuel, CSM is re-directing the urban spend on cooking energy from charcoal-driven deforestation into transformational rural development. This is possible through combining low-input conservation agriculture with off-the-shelf processing technology, to produce an ethanol based cooking fuel.

At the front-end of the CSM value chain, smallholder farmers are provided with improved planting materials, and are trained to transition from slash-and-burn farming to more sustainable practices which involve crop rotation, intercropping and agro-forestry practices. These increase soil productivity, forest cover, land value, and biodiversity, benefiting farmers through higher nutrition crops and increased yields. Farmers can store or consume as much of their harvest as they like and sell surpluses to CSM, which has developed community processing centers for procurement in rural communities. This outgrower model generates a stable cash income stream for farmers and provides a sustainable supply of raw material for CSM. The surplus crops are then processed at CSM’s facility into an ethanol-based liquid cooking fuel. Bio-ethanol fuel along with an ethanol cook-stove, are sold in Maputo through the company’s own retail network and an ever growing list of distribution channels. The entire marketing and sales operation is branded under NDZiLO to enhance visibility and customer loyalty.
Technologies and FuelsEthanol/Alcohol
Clean Cooking ActivitiesCSM has successfully demonstrated that there is a market for a cleaner cooking fuel among low-income households in Mozambique’s capital, that it is possible to address this market profitably, and that it is possible to build and operate a branded value chain that guarantees and delivers high quality, clean and safe cooking solution.

With sales effectively starting end of 2012, CleanStar Mozambique has quickly surpassed milestones of 25,000 stove units, and 500,000 liters of clean cooking fuel sold. The gross consumption of 25,000 stoves on a yearly basis is projected to offset the deforestation of 14,000 Ha of forest and displace 169,000 tonnes of carbon. As our customer base expands to 120,000 households (projected for 2015), the offset will increase proportionally with annual offset of over 65,000 Ha of forest and 800,000 tonnes of carbon.
PartnershipCleanStar Mozambique is looking to develop partnerships with entities keen on supporting the initiative of breaking the charcoal addiction of urban households in Maputo. The company has proven that it can develop and implement its business model but to ensure the ambitious environmental and social objectives are achieved more quickly, CSM needs support to accelerate the company's growth, reach more households and deliver greater beneficial impacts.

CSM’s pricing strategy has established a threshold permitting greater access by our low-income households to our cooking solution. CleanStar Mozambique is keen to develop partnerships that can support the continued access of low-income households to our modern cooking solution for the benefit of the urban and rural communities in Mozambique that CSM engages with across its value chain. For more information contact us at info@cleanstarmozambique.com.
Regions Operating InSub-Saharan Africa
Countries Operating InMozambique
AddressAvenida da Namacha, Nº 87 EN4
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