MissionNovotera is a manufacturer, distributor and consultant in efficient stoves, biochar and waste utilization projects.We strive for clean air, rich soils and healthy lives.
Partner TypeImplementer
Organization TypeSmall or Medium Enterprise
Organizational ExpertiseCapacity Building, Climate/Environment, Livelihoods, Policy Development, Research, Lab or Field Testing, Other (please describe)
ExpertiseGovernment & Industry Solutions : Novotera represents several portifolios of large enterprises for the evaluation and implementation of large-scale commercial or industrial applications that seek to recover and utilize waste, produce energy, syngas, biochar or other materials, or seek to replace coal or charcoal. Targeted clientele are governments, municipalities, and in industry farmers, metal works, pulp and paper, sea freight shipping, energy and waste management.
Technologies and FuelsBiogas, Charcoal, Coal, Pellets / Briquettes, Other
Other Technologies and FuelsSyngas
Clean Cooking ActivitiesDevelopment Work: Our PlanetStove is a medium size portable low-emission hybrid cookstove built on TLUD and Rocket stove technologies. It works with a variety of biomass, requires 30% less wood and supports larger pieces, it produces biochar as a by-product which has economical value and soil building properties. The PlanetStove also has an option to extend the fires lifetime by using the rocket mode. Through 2012-2013 we are manufacturing and distributing these for rural families in need in East Asia with our own investments and the support of many contributors. Our first batch is of 120 stoves. Manufacturing is done locally to support employment and minimize cost and footprint.

There has been much interest generated around our PlanetStove design from NGOs, carbon credit initiatives, and customers in both countries said to be developing and developed.

Campstoves and firepits that care smokeless are being redesigned to make it available to the general public. These are ideal for camping, emergency situations, and for aesthetics to keep light and warmth in any social event.
PartnershipTeam & Professionals that make up Novotera have a diverse background in both NGO and private sector work. With 30 years accumulated experience, our team has a successful track record in business development, policy work, project management and R&D. We also have a strong network of industry leaders, NGOs and stove and biochar scientists

R&D & Investors: Novotera continuously strives for high standards and the development of products or technology that can reach the larger market. We are currently teamed up with leading Canadian universities to work on soil decontamination and biochar-based fertilisers.

Cookstove design and improvement: We invite collaborators to helps develop cookstoves that are highly efficient and respond to real-world needs. We keep our PlanetStove design open-source for this purpose.
Regions Operating InEast Asia and Pacific
Countries Operating InChina, Vietnam
Postal CodeH3X 3P5
Primary Point of Contact
   First NameOlivier
   Last NameKolmel
   Phone1 514.833.0973