MissionInternational Centre for Energy, Environment and Development provides ideas that link energy and climate change policy reforms to prosperity for Nigeria’s poor.

Our strength lies in our partnerships. ICEED works with progressive Nigerian and international research centres, government agencies, specialists and entrepreneurs. We build multi-stakeholder platforms to respond to energy and climate challenges that affect the poor.
Partner TypeImplementer
Organization TypeNon-Governmental Organization
Organizational ExpertiseCapacity Building, Climate/Environment, Gender / Womens Empowerment, Policy Development, Research, Technology and Fuel R&D, Lab or Field Testing
Technologies and FuelsEthanol/Alcohol, Biogas, Biomass (Ag. Residue, Processed Biomass, etc.), Charcoal, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Pellets / Briquettes, Solar
Clean Cooking Activities1. ICEED in collaboration with USAID has embarked on a project to provide public boarding schools in Nigeria with efficient institutional woodstoves. The 3 year project which will be concluded by 2015 will provide 60 institutions in 2 states of Nigeria with these stoves. In addition, the project will distribute a number of household stoves. other project deliverables include development of enabling clean cookstove policies for the two states, capacity building for SMEs on stove design and production as well as business development skills, engagement with banks and MFIs on possible provision of credits for clean cookstove businesses and public awareness.

2. ICEED in collaboration with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, Nigerian Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, Standards Organization of Nigeria and Energy Commission of Nigeria has commenced a project to set up a clean cookstoves testing and development centre in Nigeria. This project will be concluded by November 2013.
PartnershipICEED is currently implementing clean cookstoves projects. This will advance the goals of the Global Alliance.

ICEED would like to participate in workshops, seminars, exhibitions organized by the Global Alliance. This way we will further network with organizations involved in clean cookstoves and share ideas, successes, etc.
Regions Operating InSub-Saharan Africa
Countries Operating InNigeria
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Primary Point of Contact
   First NameEwah
   Last NameEleri
   Phone(234803) 206-2040