Increasing investment is one of the six value propositions identified in the Alliance’s ten-year strategic business plan. In order to reach our goal of 100 million homes adopting clean cooking solutions by 2020, the Alliance is seeking to attract a billion dollars in investment into the sector by 2020.  Toward this goal, grant investments are needed to develop and scale better technologies and business models appropriate to the local context, and improve the fragmented value chains in many markets. 

The Alliance has developed a number of funding and financing tools – Spark Fund, Pilot Innovation Fund, Women’s Empowerment Fund, and Catalytic Small Grants - designed to target clean cookstoves and fuels enterprises at different stages of development and provide funding to help them scale and thrive.

12-7: Spark Fund
Gyapa Fuel-Efficient Stoves
Relief International - Ghana
Improving the Performance and Quality of Locally Manufactured Improved Cookstoves
GVEP International - Kenya >
GVEP is providing capacity building to cookstove entrepreneurs to improve their technical, busi¬ness, and marketing skills, and establish a seed fund for producers to invest in expansion activities. The Spark Fund leveraged $800,000 of Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency funding to GVEP to improve cookstoves in Kenya.
Providing Sustainable Market Channels for Household Energy Products in Uganda
Impact Carbon - Uganda
With the Spark Fund, Impact Carbon established and supported a national network of distribution and retail partners to drive a thriving cookstove market in Uganda. Impact Carbon partnered with BioLite to implement a full-scale product launch of BioLite’s HomeStove, a fan stove that reduces household air pollution while enabling phone and light charging.
Scaling Up Distribution of Efficient Cookstoves in Kenya
Klarisse Kenya Limited dba EzyLife Kenya - Kenya
The Spark grant is helping EzyLife supply 40,000 cookstoves to the Kenya market and significantly reduce EzyLife’s financing costs, thus making clean cookstoves more affordable and enabling the company to leverage additional investments to sell another 70,000 cookstoves. The grant is also being used to recruit and train distribution channel partners, and leverages EzyLife’s existing marketing activities.
Support to Burn Manufacturing to Scale Up ICS Production in East Africa
BURN Manufacturing Co. - Kenya
BMC has developed a facility in Nairobi to assemble cook¬stove kits produced in China. In 2013, BMC built a manufacturing facility in Kenya and transitioned to full local production. BMC is also utilizing their Spark Fund to purchase manufacturing equipment and leverage up to $4 million in loans from General Electric and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).
13-4: Spark Fund: Round II
Spark Fund, Round II: Eco-Fuel Africa
Eco-Fuel Africa - Uganda
EFA produces green charcoal from locally sourced biomass waste as an alternative to traditional wood fuel. Based in Uganda, EFA employs local farmers, leverages local technology, and involves 260 women retailers in its value chain.
Spark Fund, Round II: EcoZoom - East Africa Region
EcoZoom has sold 83,000 improved cookstoves in 18 countries through distributors and 5,000 stoves in the U.S., targeting the camping industry. With its launch in Kenya, EcoZoom plans to expand its operations to include design, manufacturing, and direct distribution of wood and charcoal clean cookstoves.
Spark Fund, Round II: Greenway Grameen Infra
Greenway Grameen Infra - India
Greenway Appliances designs & distributes efficient biomass cookstoves for rural families. The company’s flagship product – Greenway Smart Stove – is an improved biomass cookstove sold in 24 districts (5 states) in India and one district in Bangladesh.
Spark Fund, Round II: SimGas BV - East Africa Region
SimGas BV - Kenya, Tanzania
SimGas is a biodigester design and manufacturing company focused on distribution in the East African market. The company is structured as a joint venture between the parent design company based in the Netherlands (SimGas BV), and in-country manufacturing company (Sumaria Group Ltd).
Spark Fund, Round II: Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Fundamentals
Small and Medium Entrepreneurship Fundamentals - Nigeria
SMEFunds is an ethanol gel manufacturing and distribution company focused on distribution in Nigeria. The business has developed a ground-breaking method of producing cellulosic ethanol and converting the liquid into a gel that can be used in their cookstove, which is manufactured in China. SMEFunds has a distribution structure similar to that used by Avon Products, and empowers individuals to sell the clean cooking fuels at a margin throughout Nigeria.
Spark Fund, Round II: Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise (SGFE)
Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise (SGFE) - Cambodia
Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprises produces and sells clean-burning, sustainable charcoal briquettes to lower income households in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The company’s briquettes are made from compressed recycled char-ash and charred coconut husks, which are gathered and sorted by poor women throughout the city.
12-6: Pilot Facility
Empowering Women of Nigeria with Economic Opportunity and Access to Clean Cookstoves
Solar Sister, Inc. - Nigeria
Solar Sister is a social enterprise using an innovative gender inclusive business model to empower African women as engines of a clean energy revolution. They used Pilot funds to add cookstoves to their current product basket in Nigeria, offering customers a unique range of modern lighting, phone charging, and improved cooking choices.
Enhancing Consumer Demand Through Increased Market Engagement
Greenway Grameen Infra - India
Greenway Appliances designs & distributes efficient biomass cookstoves to rural families in India. The enerprise used their Pilot funds to develop an above-the-line marketing campaign to target retail distribution partners, develop brand recognition, and educate consumers about the benefits of the stove.
Leverage Decentralized MFIs to Boost the Affordability and the Accessibility of Energy-Efficient Stoves in Uganda
UpEnergy - Uganda
UpEnergy distributes efficient cookstoves to the energy poor in Uganda at affordable prices. UpEnergy used their Pilot funds to test distribution through Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCos), providing financing to the end consumer allowing them to purchase a cookstove over a series of payments.
Support to CDM-registered Improved Cookstoves for East Africa Programme of Activities - East Africa
Improved Cook Stoves for East Africa Ltd (ICSEA) - Uganda
Improved Cook Stoves for East Africa Ltd (ICSEA) is a fair trade carbon scheme that holds a regional Programme of Activities (PoA) for Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi for carbon projects. They used the Pilot grant to develop a database that fits the regional carbon monitoring needs of ICSEA and that can be adapted and scaled as the ICSEA PoA grows.
Support to the Darfur-Based Stove Program
Potential Energy - Sudan
Potential Energy has distributed over 18,000 stoves via humanitarian efforts in Darfur since 2003. The NGO used Pilot funds to set up revolving loan fund that allows distributors to sell their stoves at an affordable price using consumer financing.
Support to the Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise Pilot Project
Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise (SGFE) - Cambodia
Sustainable Green Fuel Enterprise is a manufacturer and distributor of char-briquettes in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They used the Pilot grant to test a hub and spoke distribution model for the distribution of char-briquettes and to improve production processes to match increased distribution.
13-5: Pilot Innovation Fund Round 2
Pilot Innovation Fund Round II: Applied Sunshine LLC
Applied Sunshine LLC - Guatemala
Applied Sunshine LLC is a startup company that has developed an innovative vacuum tube solar cooker for Guatemala. This tube structure has the capability to cook various types of foods that other solar cooking models cannot, including local foods such as tortillas.
Pilot Innovation Fund Round II: C-Quest Capital LLC
C-Quest Capital LLC - Malawi
C-Quest Capital (CQC) is a private equity and carbon finance firm providing clean and efficient household energy technologies and sustainable sources of household fuels. Through TLC Green, a Joint Venture between CQC and the Malawian NGO Total Land Care, CQC proposes to test a new business model to couple the marketing and sale of sustainable firewood with improved cookstoves.
Pilot Innovation Fund Round II: CleanStar Ventures
CleanStar Ventures - Mozambique
CleanStar Ventures will use Pilot funds and lessons learned from their work in Mozambique to develop an ethanol stove with a refillable fuel cartridge, complementary household appliances that can use ethanol, and a fuel distribution process that leverages partnerships with multinational corporations.
Pilot Innovation Fund Round II: Emerging Cooking Solutions Sweden AB
Emerging Cooking Solutions Sweden AB - Zambia
Emerging Cooking Solutions (ECS) manufactures and distributes clean pellets in Zambia. ECS currently sells the Phillips stove at US$ 100 as the preferred option to burn their fuel. ECS will test the Prime stove (US$ 35) with their pellets and work with employers to provide financing.
Pilot Innovation Fund Round II: Prakti Pvt Ltd
Prakti Pvt Ltd - Bangladesh, India
Prakti Design will complete a two-burner, multi-fuel stove design for Bangladesh. This stove is being developed in response to the increasing demand from consumers for multiple burner stoves and plans to quickly achieve economies of scale through sales to more markets due to the stove’s fuel versatility.
Pilot Innovation Fund Round II: Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd
Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd - Bangladesh
Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd (RRE) is a solar home product distributer in Bangladesh. RRE will expand into the clean cooking market by building on the WASHplus study recently conducted in Bangladesh and begin marketing and distributing the stove most likely to be accepted in the market.
14-2 Catalytic Small Grant Fund
Catalytic Small Grant Fund: Cookclean Ghana Limited
Cookclean Ghana Limited - Ghana
CookClean is a "profit for purpose" social entrepreneurship that was founded to improve the social, environmental and economic conditions of the low-income families in Ghana by providing them not only affordable and health friendly cooking stove solutions, but also encouraging the local community to actively contribute and participate along the process of economic value creation. CookClean sells the CookMate charcoal stove that is ˜50% more efficient than the more prevalent coalpot stove. Cook Clean will use their catalytic small grant to build out their financial management team and increase production efficiencies.
Catalytic Small Grant Fund: Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company Limited
Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company Limited - Ghana
Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company (GCMC) is a LPG distributor that also manufactures LPG cylinders and stoves and refurbishes LPG cylinders. In 2013, GCMC sold 4,428 LPG stoves and 120k cylinders. GCMC will use their catalytic small grant to increase production efficiencies to scale up LPG stove and cylinder sales in Ghana.
Catalytic Small Grant Fund: Man and Man Enterprise Limited
Man and Man Enterprise Limited - Ghana
Man & Man Enterprises designs, manufactures and distributes efficient cook stoves under the ‘Holy Cook’ brand, in Ghana, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire. The company sold over 130,000 stoves during 2008-2013 and employs 28 workers. Man & Man will use their catalytic small grant to build out and implement their marketing and distribution strategy for their expansion.
Catalytic Small Grant Fund: Montals Engineering Enterprise
Montals Engineering Enterprise - Ghana
Montals Engineering (ME) manufactures and distributes LPG stoves throughout Ghana. ME uses high quality materials and valves to manufacture their stoves, saving consumers money and providing access to a cleaner cooking fuel than charcoal. ME also provides strong after-sales support service to its customers. ME will use their catalytic small grant to build out their management team to prepare their company for further expansion.
Catalytic Small Grant Fund: Toyola Energy Limited
Toyola Energy Limited - Ghana
Toyola Energy Limited manufactures and sells energy efficient cook stoves in urban and rural Ghana. The stoves use standard charcoal but are 40% more efficient than the traditional stoves used in the region. To date, Toyola has provided this cleaner energy product to 35,000 households through the sales of over 100,000 cookstoves. Toyola has offset over 140,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and employed over 300 employees. Toyola will use their catalytic small grant to hire additional managers and increase production efficiencies.
Catalytic Small Grant: African Clean Energy
African Clean Energy - Lesotho Global
African Clean Energy (ACE) is a manufacturer of cookstoves in Lesotho and has been manufacturing the Phillips stove since 2011. ACE currently is the only manufacturer of the Philips smokeless gasifier cookstove, a technology developed by Philips. ACE has a manufacturing facility in Maseru, Lesotho where it produces 160 stoves per day. ACE will use its catalytic small grant to finalize the development of a proprietary stove technology - the ACE 1, and build out a distribution network for the stove.