The Alliance has engaged with investors to understand the barriers to their investment in the sector and developed a suite of financial products to enable clean cookstoves and fuels enterprises to grow their businesses and become more investment ready. Using grants and other forms of soft and patient capital the Alliance is preparing a pipeline of opportunities for investment.

  1. The Pilot Innovation Fund provides grants of up to $150K to finance game changing technology and business model innovations.
  2. The Women’s Empowerment Fund encourages partners to test innovative approaches that empower women and address gender issues that can later be scaled if proven effective.
  3. The Catalytic Small Grants program is a country-specific program that funds capacity building and growth of locally owned and operated start-up and venture stage companies. Under the program, the Alliance makes grants of up to $100K are made to fund catalytic enterprise development and growth initiatives that will increase likelihood of investment, enrich the value chain through more efficient production and enhanced distribution, and foster strategic partnerships to strengthen the sector.
  4. The Spark Fund provides grants of up to $500K that target the specific capital and capacity development needs of enterprises, helping them reach commercially viability.
  5. The Working Capital Fund, in partnership with Deutsche Bank’s Community Global Social Finance Group that deploys affordable loans and loan guarantees to enterprises that are not able to access more traditional forms of debt financing.
  6. The Capacity Building Facility, which matches external investment commitments to clean cookstove and fuels enterprises with grant for capacity building.