Shamba Chef, a television and radio series on cooking and nutrition, demonstrated practical ways for families to improve their kitchens and diets through cookoffs, kitchen makeovers, and recipe demonstrations from popular Kenyan chefs. In its first season, which aired from September to December 2017, each episode highlighted real families in Kenya as they learned how to prepare more nutritious meals and tried out improved stoves and/or fuels. The TV series aired in English and Swahili on Citizen TV, Kenya’s most popular TV station, with over 3.2 million viewers tuning in every week. Each episode was adapted for a radio series that attracted 5 million listeners weekly. Audiences could also subscribe to a free, interactive mobile platform, called iChef, to access more information, including nutritious recipes and ongoing advice on clean cooking. Viewers exposed to Shamba Chef were four times more likely to be aware of cleaner cooking options.

Shamba Chef was produced with support from the Alliance by the Mediae Company, an award-winning producer of entertaining and educational media that promote changes in knowledge, attitudes, and practices amongst East African audiences. Mediae is also currently producing East Africa’s leading agricultural TV program, Shamba Shape Up, which is now in its 7th season and reaches up to 3 million viewers weekly. Features on clean cooking were featured in 10 episodes of Shamba Shape Up.

13 episodes of Shamba Chef and 10 episodes of Shamba Shape Up featured segments on clean cookstoves, with an estimated reach of up to 5 million households weekly.
Season 1 Shamba Chef episodes were adapted for radio, which aired weekly on one of Kenya's leading national radio stations.
43,000 SMS inquiries were sent to iChef, an interactive mobile platform which provides users with information and advice on clean cookstoves.
Leaflets with information on each episode and the featured clean cookstove were sent to audience members upon request.