The Modern Cookstoves campaign was part of a collaborative, Alliance-supported “Maximizing the Health Benefits of Clean Cooking in Urban Nepal” initiative to promote smoke-free kitchen communities in Nepal. The campaign was developed by Junkiri Interactive, a creative and communications firm based in Kathmandu, in close partnership with the Clean Cooking Alliance, the government's Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC), LEADERS Nepal, and the Ajummery Bikas Foundation (ABF). In support of the Government of Nepal's efforts to ensure greater community-level use of cleaner fuels in household kitchens, the Modern Cookstoves Nepal campaign aimed to inform and communicate with target audiences about a range of available cleaner cooking options, including biogas, induction, rice cookers, and other electric cooking appliances and utensils. The campaign also shared messages about LPG safety.

The Modern Cookstoves Nepal campaign used different channels to reach audiences, including community events, social media, radio, street dramas, community movie screenings, SMS, brochures, and local stories in the newspaper. The campaign primarily targeted women (and men as secondary audiences) and households who live within and outside of the Panchkhal and Mandandeupur communities of the Kavrepalanchok district. An overall major component of the project was to motivate households living in the demonstration area to purchase and use clean cookstoves and fuels, while strengthening availability, accessibility, and affordability of these clean cooking options. The campagined launched at the end of August 2018 and wrapped up in December, reaching 600,000 people with clean cooking messages.   


17 community events hosted in Panchkhal and Mandandeupur, which included awareness rallies, picnics, tea stalls, cooking with celebrities, school activities, and competitions
Radio jingles aired over 1,300 times on two different radio stations with a humorous and engaging skit
20,000 SMS messages on clean cooking options, benefits, and retail locations in Kavre were sent
Actress Karishma Manandhar and television host Rabi Lamichhane traveled to the Kavre to discuss and demonstrate the benefits of cooking with cleaner cookstoves and fuels
Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) and three locally-hired, female Marketing Representatives (MRs) engaged directly with the community through household visits and at the events
An estimated 600,000 Nepalis were reached with clean cooking messages