Closed: Jun 01,2020
Type: partner

The Covid-19 crisis is affecting clean energy companies and projects, and the implications are only starting to materialise. What is clear at this point is that there is a need to assess the situation and existing business plans, restructure existing financing arrangements, and to access additional funds, including relief funds.

GET.invest has opened a Covid-19 window within its Finance Catalyst to provide business and project developers with free-of-cost advisory to help navigate the crisis. Their support covers the following areas:

Investment strategy: Strategic, “birds’-eye view” advice on how to deal with the crisis.

  • Structuring support: Advisory on how to structure/restructure your project or company, in terms of business model, management, and financial models.
  • Access to finance support: Support to identifying appropriate and available financing sources and their modalities.
  • Transaction support: Support in negotiations with key stakeholders, including financiers (e.g. on restructuring) or public agencies such as regulators.

GET.invest delivers this support flexibly and with a simplified and accelerated access in these challenging times. A team of seasoned advisors with financing-related experience and know-how is available. To ensure good coordination and quality advisory, our team is in close contact with associations and financiers, and participates in Covid-19 sector task forces.


Eligibility criteria
The following criteria need to be fulfilled to allow us to filter and prioritise applications:

  • Applicants must be situated in sub-Saharan Africa or in the Caribbean.
  • Applicants must be existing companies with a minimum of two years in operation, with financial reports available as an adequate starting point for the support.
  • Only projects and businesses with a cumulative generation capacity of up toless than 50 MW or aggregated investments up to EUR 70 million are eligible. If individual solutions are not efficient, ‘group solutions’ can be developed after submission of application in cooperation with sector associations and financiers.
  • Supported models may comprise electricity generation, electricity distribution (in the case of mini-grids and stand-alone systems), mechanical energy and industrial / process heat or cooling, as well as cleaning cooking. Transmission projects or biofuels are not eligible.
  • The major part of the scope must be a renewable energy system investment. Hybrid systems with a reasonable share of renewable generation capacity are also eligible.
  • Applicants must show: (a) the equivalent of EUR 250,000 of turnover over the past 12 months as a proxy to justify the allocation of individual coaches and the associated cost; (b) a minimum of 10 staff employed (salary or results-based) as a proxy for the job impact of the crisis, and as an indicator for the cash needs of the company; (c) that the business had a sustainable funding plan at the end of February until 1 May 2020 (i.e. no funding gap before 1 May 2020).
  • Applicants need to be able to articulate how the Covid-19 crisis has affected the company’s operations and / or core financial metrics, and that they have a demonstrated need for emergency funding in the next six months or for restructuring of existing obligations.
  • Applicants need to have a reference from investors or financiers with an existing agreement or in advanced stages of negotiation (contacts to be provided in the application form).

GET.invest will reserve the right to select and prioritise applications in a simplified process on the basis of these criteria. Please note that in case applicants do not qualify for direct coaching support from our advisors, there is still the possibility of referral to suitable partner facilities, or to assist through webinars which GET.invest will organise in collaboration with partners.


How to apply
To apply for support, click here. You will be directed to the application portal where you will need to register first. The application portal runs on a secure server specifically for the Finance Catalyst activities of GET.invest. All information submitted during the application process will be treated confidentially. The application is short and simple. Applications will be reviewed in an accelerated procedure of not more than one week.



Note: If you feel that you do not qualify for the criteria of the Covid-19 support stream, feel free to apply for the regular GET.invest Finance Catalyst support. GET.invest’s regular advisory support remains operational.