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BRILHO is led by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation along with Practical Action
Consulting (PAC) and MARGE as partners and GreenLight and Catalyst as service providers.


BRILHO is a five-year Programme, 2019 - 2024, with nationwide coverage that will catalyse
Mozambique’s energy market of Improved Cooking Solutions, Solar Home Systems and Green Minigrids
to provide clean and affordable energy solutions to the off-grid population and businesses. The aim is to stimulate the private sector to focus their efforts, innovative ability and resources to develop and invest in quality and affordable off-grid energy products, systems and services, in order to improve the lives of low income people in Mozambique, through money saving, better well-being and livelihood opportunities, while delivering commercial benefits for the private sector.

BRILHO is financed by the British Government’s Department for International Development (DFID).
It is in effect the British public’s contribution to support Mozambique to reach the Sustainable
Development Goal 7 (SDG7), which calls for universal access to sustainable energy by 2030.

The Off-Grid Energy Opportunity

Mozambique has a large potential off-grid energy market with 20 million people in need of access
to electrification solutions and over 90% of the population that could benefit from improved cooking
solutions. This market remains virtually untapped, with a large share of the off-grid population
being unaware of clean energy technologies and their social and economic benefits. Although Mozambique is making positive progress with the grid extension and densification, current
projections indicate that affordable off-grid solutions are critical in order to achieve the universal
energy access target by 2030.

BRILHO’s Approach

BRILHO has been designed as a market-based approach, under the principle that the energy
access challenge can also be addressed through innovative business initiatives that can deliver
quality, affordable and sustainable off-grid energy products and services.

BRILHO offers selected businesses a unique mix of structured non-reimbursable funding and
specialised support, to de-risk business initiatives that aim to achieve competitive commercial returns
and provide off-grid energy solutions to low-income markets. Alongside this, BRILHO supports the
sector ecosystem development by improving access to information, setting quality benchmarks and
advocating for a better regulatory framework. BRILHO will focus its support on i. Off-grid Electrification
including Solar Home Systems (SHS) and Green Mini-Grids (GMG), and ii. Improved Cooking Solutions
including improved cookstoves, biogas, LPG, ethanol and electric.

What We Do

To deliver the above, BRILHO will deploy its efforts through distinct components of action:

  • Financial Support - Businesses can apply for BRILHO’s Market Development Fund (MDF) financial support ranging from £50,000 up to £1,500,000, to be delivered in the form of the following grants-based mechanisms:
    • Catalytic Grants (CG), to help defray the direct costs and risks associated with starting up and/or scaling their business in the market, intended to cover setup costs and working capital; to be disbursed in advance or on a milestone basis
    • Results-Based Financing (RBF), to provide targeted incentives to the businesses to deliver energy services to more challenging markets and further leverage private sector investment; RBF grant incentives will be disbursed after verification of the reported sales results.

BRILHO’s MDF support will be offered as a mix of all possible combinations from the abovementioned
mechanisms, however, RBF will be required in all cases (with the exception of GMG).
Businesses can include a maximum of 50% of the total funding request for a specific round to be
allocated as Catalytic Grants.

  • Technical Assistance - Next to the financial support, BRILHO’s MDF will make available Technical Assistance (TA), to support businesses to develop business models, plans and/or operational strategies to either enter the Mozambican market or scale their existing activities within it. TA will be rolled out through Business Development Services (BDS), who will be able to provide customised support.


Who Can Apply

BRILHO will support competitively selected business initiatives that provide quality off-grid energy solutions to low-income markets and businesses (particularly benefiting women), profiling commercial viability, potential to scale and capacity to co-invest.

These initiatives must be led by private companies, social enterprises (associations, cooperatives,
NGOs or similar that operate a venture to generate profits, which are reinvested internally), partnerships and joint ventures between local and international companies.


How to Apply and Contact
The application process is comprised of two steps:

  1. Expression of Interest 
  2. Full Proposal 

The evaluation and selection process is based on a ”first come first served” approach. BRILHO plans to organise annual calls for applications, to be announced publicly.

For more information and application submission please visit

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