Closed: Mar 01,2020
Type: partner


An annual Pitch Hub competition for innovators that showcase ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and a clear value proposition.

A competition aiming to engage startups and entrepreneurs and to create a space for innovate at I4C.

Highlight climate-smart solutions with potential for transformative impact in reducing emissions and/or increasing resilience to climate change.

Facilitate matchmaking between investors and investment opportunities.


The Challenge

55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 70% by 2050. Cities account for just 2% of global land area but are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, as much as 80% of adaptation costs are expected to be borne in urban areas.

Supporting climate-smart cities - those that are low-carbon and climate-resilient - is a critical part of addressing climate change. Becoming a climate-smart city requires an integrated approach combining planning, policy, regulation, and investment.



Minimal Viable Product Stage
Solutions can be goods, services (e.g. financial instruments, risk management mechanisms), technological solutions, or innovative business models that can be applied in one of these urban foci:

  • Energy
  • Food/agriculture 
  • Mobility/transportation 
  • Waste/water
  • Fintech

Climate-Smart: Potential for climate change mitigation or adaptation

FeasibleClear value proposition, actionable business model, preliminary market analysis, draft implementation plan

ImplementablePotential to achieve market viability and deployment capacity

ScalablePotential to be scaled-up or replicated in other contexts

Call for solutions will close on March 1, 2020. For more information and to apply online, click here