Closed: Sep 10,2019
Type: partner

Berkeley Air Monitoring Group, contracted by the World Bank, is inviting applications from
public and private entities involved in the dissemination of clean cooking interventions to
collaborate on an innovative evaluation project. The project aims to build the field experience
and evidence of quantifying climate, health, and gender co-benefits from clean cooking
interventions. For more information on the project, please click here


What is involved?
The selected entity will provide Berkeley Air with a comprehensive and current list of contact
details for up to 500 household customers in one or two project areas who have acquired their
intervention within the past 18 months. The customer contact information will be kept
confidential and used solely for research purposes (Berkeley Air does not sell any consumer
products). The entity would be expected to facilitate contact between the research team and
the selected households. We would expect to learn from the entity about their technology as
well as their business model and program scope.


Who can apply?
All entities disseminating clean stoves/fuels to household consumers are invited to apply.
Priority will be given to organizations working on the African continent, although other
geographies will also be considered. The entity should meet the following criteria:

  • The intervention stove/fuel technology should achieve at least tier 3 of ISO/TR 19867-3:2018 or for the IWA 11:2012 voluntary performance targets on thermal efficiency, carbon monoxide emissions, fine particulate matter emissions of cookstoves. The performance should have been demonstrated through lab and/or field data. Higher tier stoves/fuels will be reviewed more favorably, as they are more likely to achieve greater health benefits.
  • There should be robust, recent field evidence of safety and durability of the intervention stove/fuel.
  • The stove/ fuel must meet most of the household ‘s cooking needs, as demonstrated by prior consumer feedback or surveys on the technology.
  • There should be a proven sustainable fuel supply for the chosen stove technology.

Benefits of participating

  • Acknowledgment in all reporting documents/presentations.
  • The opportunity to gain first-hand experience, learn and provide feedback on the monitoring and measuring methods/techniques that are likely to be used by the World Bank for future results-based financing mechanisms.
  • Access to study results and an understanding of the health, gender, and climate impacts of the disseminated intervention(s)

Access and use of study results
The study results are expected to be made publicly available by the World Bank at the
conclusion of the study. Study results will not be deemed, nor should be used as an
endorsement from the World Bank or Berkeley Air of the entity’s products or services. Further,
the selected entity cannot use the study results for any marketing or commercial purposes.


To submit an application for consideration, please complete this online form by 5:00 PM PDT on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. Finalists will be invited for a screening phone call within two weeks of the closing date.
Supplementary material may also be requested at that stage.
For further questions please contact with ‘CSCB’ in the subject line.