Closed: May 22,2019
Type: partner

The MECS Challenge fund provides early-stage research funding to stimulate innovations in modern energy cooking technology and systems and support the advancement of technology-based cooking energy products, processes, and services in low-income countries.

The challenge fund will run as a series of competitions, each with its own focus and objectives. The competitions will be open to companies of all sizes, businesses including micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, academia and other organisations, to support research projects which could lead to enabling a safe and efficient modern energy cooking system. 

The challenge funds can only be accessed via one of the open competitions. Details of each challenge fund opportunity will be made available on these pages so please check back regularly for updates.

The Modern Energy Cooking Services Technology Research for International Development (MECS -TRIID) competition will launch on April 16th 2019. MECS is looking to fund early-stage research projects in support of innovative ideas or concepts that facilitate a transition to modern energy cooking services in low-income economies. There will be 4 themes for the competition;

  • Theme One: Energy storage for modern energy cooking services
  • Theme Two: Grid and infrastructure adaptability;
  • Theme Three: Alternative fuels; and
  • Theme Four: Delivery models, including Business models, Gender, Accessibility (for example in relation to groups such as the disabled) and Inclusion in MECS

If you are interested in learning more about the MECS-TRIID challenge fund, MECS will be hosting 2 informative webinars. The first is on Thursday 18th April at 08:30 BST. You can register your interest here.

To learn more, click here to visit their fund site