Closed: Aug 03,2018
Type: alliance

Nearly three billion people around the world burn wood, charcoal, animal dung, crop residue or coal in open fires or in inefficient stoves for daily cooking and heating. Cooking this way contributes to serious health and environmental impacts, disproportionally affecting the lives and livelihoods of women and children. As a leading cause of air pollution, traditional cooking methods contribute to 2.6 million premature deaths each year and sicken millions more. In Haiti, alone, exposure to household air pollution contributed to almost 10,000 premature deaths in 2016. Lack of access to clean fuels forces women and children to spend significant time cooking and gathering fuel, time that could be spent resting, getting an education, caring for family, or earning an income. 

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves anticipates launching a four-year market development program in Haiti. The Haiti Clean Cooking Market Development Program aims to set the foundation for a long-term, sustainable transformation of the clean cooking market that will strengthen and diversify the supply of cleaner and more efficient cookstoves and fuel. 

The Alliance is issuing a Request for Proposals to launch a study that will focus on Haiti in support of the Haiti Clean Cooking Market Development Program. This particular study will be to collect baseline data from households; cookstove and fuel enterprises; and select small enterprises such as bakeries and street vendors to gain an understanding of the current status of the sector. The Program will use this data to understand baseline values for its performance indicators, to create targets, and to inform critical design elements of the Program.