April 22 - 22, 2021



The webinar series Transitioning to Clean Cooking facilitates the design of policies promoting the adoption of clean household energy. It will feature sessions on standards, data for decision making, interventions, and cross-cutting themes such as climate change and gender and serve to connect stakeholders from the health, energy, and environment sectors. 

Around 3 billion people globally still rely on polluting fuels and technology combinations to meet their basic daily energy needs for cooking. Addressing the global lack of clean cooking and achieving SDG3 and SDG7 by 2030 is one of the main goals of the Health and Energy Platform of Action (HEPA).

One of the objectives of HEPA is to increase the awareness and capacity of relevant stakeholders and policy makers in-country to utilize currently available technical guidance, tools and information resources in policy and programmatic planning for the acceleration of access to clean cooking for health.

As part of HEPA, WHO and the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA), host a webinar series to engage with different stakeholders in order to effectively support progress towards clean cooking. The series aims to engage and inform policymakers, donors, investors, and other decisionmakers from both the energy and health sectors about the latest evidence and tools on clean cooking, including cost-benefit analyses, planning tools, and the newest data on household energy use. 

The objective of the sessions is to better equip these stakeholders to undertake evidence-based policy and funding decisions that can effectively support progress towards clean cooking. 

The webinar series will take place throughout 2021 and consist of numerous sessions.

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