October 25 - 27, 2020

In this very special year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Summit will take place as an on-site conference in Berlin and at the same time as a fully digital, interactive conference with cost-free availability of all sessions of the program. For participation online, registration is not required. 

Each session can be accessed via a link in the program: https://www.conference.worldhealthsummit.org/Program/WHS2020

Due to the pandemic-induced regulations regarding distancing and hygiene, we will host the on-site conference on a smaller scale and by invitation only: no free ticket sale is available this year. Instead, we will distribute the conference tickets through our partner organizations from all sectors. Digital participation will be organized in the usual World Health Summit manner despite the virtual format: With the possibility of taking part in lively, fruitful, and constructive discussions. 

On site:

  • We will comply with all official stipulations established by federal and state governments and implement necessary measures
  • We will follow all applicable rules regarding hygiene, protective gear, distancing and number of participants etc.


  • Digital participation of the entire program (all sessions)
  • Possibility of worldwide participation via internet
  • Widely used standard video conferencing software with intuitive features
  • High reliability through load-balancing features for low-bandwidth situations
  • One proper entry link per session available in the program planner: https://www.conference.worldhealthsummit.org/Program/WHS2020
  • No registration needed
  • Access possible via PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Interactive formats through chat, Q&A function, screen and document sharing

At the World Health Summit, leading international experts from science, politics, business, and civil society will come together.

The spread of COVID-19 this year shows how essential the improvement of global health is and how crucial the strengthening of international and interdisciplinary cooperation remains. 
A meeting like the World Health Summit with its central topics like Pandemic Preparedness, Universal Health Coverage, Health Systems Strengthening, and Universal Access to Health couldn't be more important. We and our academic backbone, the M8 Alliance, are confident that only with collaboration and mutual assistance beyond borders this global health crisis can be tackled.