March 19 - 20, 2020
Location: Xi'An City
Country: China

LPG Summit is honoured to announce its partnership with the Guangdong Oil & Gas Association (OGA) with a view to organising the 25th China LPG Conference And Exhibition in Xi’an, China on 19-20th Mar 2020.

This is the first time in its history since 2014 that LPG Summit goes to China and we are excited to get to know the LPG industry there. China is the biggest LPG market in the world and imports almost 20 million tonnes of LPG per annum.

Traditionally LPG Summit has worked in countries in Asia and Africa as well as the Middle East. OGA has played and continues to play an important role in the development of LPG in China and we are very pleased to co-locate this Conference and Exhibition to bring synergies to the event in 2020 for the 25th anniversary of the Conference. Both the conference and exhibition will play an important role in the development of LPG, its place in the global energy mix as a transitioning fuel and showcasing innovative LPG products from around the globe and China.

LPG Summit is the number one platform in emerging markets that brings the full spectrum of LPG Stakeholders together along with government and development organisations. It is due to the ongoing support and trust that our partners, customers, and other LPG companies and organisations bestow on us that allows us to continue to evolve and innovate on our business model so that we can improve it and bring better value.

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