December 16, 2019

Hosted by the People-Centered Accelerator Secretariat and led by PCA partner Practical Action, this webinar offers a deep dive into the drivers of and solutions to energy poverty. Presenters will share lessons learned from years of research under the annual Poor People’s Energy Outlook series. The Poor People’s Energy Outlook 2019 is the culmination of four years’ research, exploring what it takes to realize the kinds of energy services that enable people to thrive despite limited energy access. The Practical Action report compiles and updates key messages and recommendations on energy access planning (PPEO 2016), financing (PPEO 2017) and delivering at scale, while also leaving no one behind (PPEO 2018). It draws on primary research from community consultations in Bangladesh, Kenya, and Togo, as well as analysis of energy access programs across Latin America, South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa; considering how to ramp up energy access from small-scale interventions to national and global levels, to ensure that, with just a decade to go until our SDG7 deadline, the transformational power of energy is universally enjoyed.

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