The Venture Catalyst (VC) aims to provide a broad range of specialized support to selected companies, solidifying their commercial viability, enhancing their investment-readiness, and facilitating access to growth capital. The Venture Catalyst portfolio currently includes 33 companies operating in 14 countries. These include biofuel, LPG, and biogas fuel distributors; pellet, ethanol, and char-briquette producers; and ethanol, gas, electric, and biomass stove manufacturers. The portfolio reflects a growing number of companies whose customers lack access to clean cooking solutions, including multi-product last-mile distributors, microfinance institutions, and distributed energy services companies. Many Venture Catalyst portfolio companies integrate industrial-scale manufacturing, digital technologies, mobile money, and consumer financing.

The companies included in the initial portfolio all passed an extensive screening process and were selected for their potential impact on the future growth of the clean cooking industry. Clean Cooking Alliance support for these companies is highly flexible and demand-driven.

Investors interested in learning more about this portfolio and identifying companies that may align with their investment criteria are invited to email

Eco-friendly biomass briquette manufacturer and distributor focused on schools in Kenya
Manufacturer and last-mile distributor of smart solar-biomass hybrid systems in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia
Biogas system provider with operations in Cambodia
A next-generation utility, transforming lives and unlocking potential through access to affordable, reliable and clean energy
Last-mile distributor of household energy and other products with operations in rural Kenya
Biomass stove manufacturer with operations in Kenya and Uganda
A Rwandan PAYGO "stove and biomass pellet" business that places customer-centricity at the heart of its operations
Ethanol stove designer and manufacturer with operations across Africa
Vertically integrated clean cooking company based in Kenya, designing and manufacturing fuel-efficient cookstoves
Affordable, clean and convenient PAYGO cooking gas solutions for families
Biogas and solar PV remote monitoring systems with operations in India and East Africa
Ethanol stove and fuel distributor with operations in Tanzania and Kenya
Biomass pellet and gasifier stove company with operations in Zambia
Off-grid Solar company piloting electric cookstoves for emerging markets
Developer of ethanol cooking fuel technologies from cassava substrates in Kenya
Manufacturer and distributor of modern household energy solutions for Southern Africa
Clean cookstoves manufacturer in India and Zambia
Gas distributor focusing on solutions for urban low-income households
Biogas system provider focused on households in developed and developing countries
Ugandan enterprise manufacturing and distributing energy efficient appliances for households and institutions
Ethanol stove and fuel distributor with operations in Kenya
M-KOPA Labs innovates PAYGO solutions beyond lighting, including electric cooking solutions
Manufacturer of pellet cookstoves and developer of local tool and fuel partnerships
Last-mile distributor of clean cooking solutions operating in Kenya and Uganda
Biomass stove manufacturer and distributor with operations in Ethiopia
LPG distributor deploying a Pay as you Gas™ cashless refilling station network in Africa
Manufacturer and distributor of biodigester technology to transform organic farm waste into renewable biogas and fertilizer.
Biogas system provider focused on agricultural customers with operations globally
Building better lives with micro-infrastructure solutions for low-income villages
Last-mile distribution and consumer financing company with operations in Zambia