The Alliance supports the development of the industry knowledge base through various reports on clean cooking private sector development, including:

  • The Clean Cooking Industry Snapshot, first published in 2019, which evaluates business models, companies, and investments.
  • LPG Safety, Innovation, and Market Growth, published in 2020 together with ENEA, which explores safety-related regulatory and technological innovations that could drive industry growth by enhancing the willingness of consumers to adopt LPG and of businesses to invest in the LPG supply chain.
  • Scaling LPG for Cooking in Developing Markets: Insights from Tanzania, published in 2019 together with ENEA and the Global LPG Partnership. The report highlights technological and business model innovations with the potential to dramatically increase the accessibility and affordability of LPG among low-income consumers in developing countries.
  • Financing the Growth of the Clean Cookstoves and Fuels Market, published in 2018 together with Accenture, which explores sector opportunities and challenges, and makes recommendations for future market development efforts and financing approaches.

External Resources

The Alliance supports partners on publications that include analyses of the clean cooking sector. Recent examples include:

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